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Nov 21

Marketing Your Personal Brand With Your Own Magazine

By Lauren | Marketing , Personal Branding

Growing your brand these days can be a challenge, with so many businesses competing for the same customers.

But by owning a magazine you immediately stand out...

Imagine being the editor and chief of your very own magazine!

How would that elevate your personal brand!

We talked with Magazine Marketer Robyn Gipters about how to create and leverage your very own magazine so you can become even more credible and influential ...

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Oct 19

3 Steps to take action as an entrepreneur

By Lauren | Personal Branding

Lauren Clemett Entrepreneur

So you call yourself an entrepreneur?

It's one thing to have the spark and creativity of an entrepreneurial brain, but unless you have a work ethic to drive you, you are not really an entrepreneur.

Here are three action steps you can take to help you really get it done and become the entrepreneur you think you are...

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Oct 16

How to develop a trustworthy personal brand with a Google Review Link

By Lauren | Personal Branding

Reviews are so important for service-based businesses because people want to trust you before they buy from you...

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Oct 15

Stand Up For Your Personal Brand

By Lauren | Personal Branding

On October 16, 1968 athletes stood up for what they believed in and lost. 50 Years later those who kneel for their beliefs have personal brands endorsed by Nike…

It was the late 1960’s was also the dawning of the television age, where people were jointly able to hear and see, in full colour, what was happening around the World.

In 1968 the TV enabled us to experience the horror of the Vietnam War and ensuing anti-war protests, the dreadful assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and the stirring black power protests at the Olympics.

To me, this image of athletes standing up for the rights of African Americans stands-out as a signifier of the year, a pure example personal brands standing up for what they believe in.

Jul 07

How I Got In A Magazine With Oprah On The Cover

By Lauren | Personal Branding

Oprah is one of the stand out personal brands on the planet and I got to feature in CEO Magazine with her on the front cover.

Here's how I did it in 4 simple steps ...

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Jun 01

Personal Branding Your Way To A Purposeful Life

By Lauren | Personal Branding

The Japanese have a saying for finding the source of value in your life.


“Iki” means life and “gai” means alive and it's the thing that makes your life worthwhile.

Many also refer to Ikigai as living a blissful life, doing what you love or giving you reason to wake up in the morning.

It’s the meaning to your life.

Roughly translated into English it means “finding your purpose” and I believe it’s the foundation of your personal brand.

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Mar 24

Never Underestimate The Influence Sound Can Have On A Brand.

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight

A man walks over to the piano player in a bar and says “do you know your monkey stole my beer?” The pianist replies “No, but if you hum it, I’ll play it” (boom, tish).

This line was once used in a famous PG Tips advert, with monkeys as removalists, and it got me thinking about one of our most vital senses that can enhance personal branding…

The sound of your brand.

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Feb 26

Ferdinand The Bull

By Lauren | Brain food , Personal Branding

The loveable children's book character can teach you a valuable lesson in personal branding...

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Dec 31

Don’t Set Goals This New Year

By Lauren | Brain food , Personal Branding

Most years I set goals, usually in the first week of January.

But in 2017 we didn't...

..and this is what happened...

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Dec 22


By Lauren | Insight , Personal Branding

Personal Branding Specialist Lauren Clemett was recently awarded as Entrepreneur Of The Year in New York. She shares her story of success to help you rocket launch you, your brand and your business to become well known, well paid and wanted.

"It was an honour and privilege to share the stage with so many amazing business women from all over the World"

Here are some personal branding lessons to help you be a success...

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