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Jul 25

Email Marketing Delivers The Most Return

By Lauren | Brandworking , Marketing

Social media marketing may be sexy but email marketing is likely to get you more bang for your buck.

Not only is email a more active channel, compared to social media, where your message is sent and responded to compared to something that sits there waiting to be clicked on, a recent report in Chief Marketer indicated that it’s a channel with the most economical conversions, where the average email marketing campaign raises $40 for every $1 spent.

In contrast to the eye-candy of moving images and sound broadcast on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, email has some limitations in the creativity department, but it can be more specifically personalised to your target audience than social media, making it better way to engage. Communicating with an audience using their name, geographic location at the best time of day for them to open your message, massively increases open and click through rates.

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Jun 20

Content Marketing Gets Real

By Lauren | Brandworking , Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk once suggested every company needs to become a media company, creating valuable content customers can enjoy and interact with.

And he’d be right.

A recent Vanderbilt University study found that people had more positive reactions to advertisements that were told as stories than those who used facts and arguments.

Which is why native advertising such as sponsored ads, promoted posts, advertorial style or product placements have begun to take over from standard advertising tactics.

So why does storytelling resonate so much better with consumers brains than facts?

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Feb 16

Is Your Business Following The New Wave Of Marketing?

By Lauren | Brandworking , Marketing

The new wave of marketing strategy is not new, however it does seem to be taking off in the small to medium sized business arena, especially amongst service providers who exchange their time for money.

WOFTAM marketing firmly puts branding in the back seat, enabling businesses to make spur of the moment decisions with quickly implemented tactical offers and promotions.

Many businesses following this strategy state that POF is the main driver behind adopting the WOFTAM strategy.

Struggling with the lingo? - Check out the glossary below....

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Aug 26


By Lauren | Brandworking , Marketing

Confused with all the tech terms, jargon and mumbo-jumbo when it comes to Web Marketing?
Here's a simple analogy that can help you better understand what on earth all those "InterWeb" geeks are talking about...

Web Hosting: like an empty room on a server, you can fill the room with your images, video, content, links, lead captures, downloads, contact forms...

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