#whatweretheythinking Plastic Fantastic Singer Gets Waxed

By Lauren | #whatweretheythinking

Aug 21

World Leading Female Rapper NIcki Minaj, possibly more recognised by her enhanced looks than her music, has damaged her personal brand and she wasn’t even there to do it!

World renowned waxworks museum Madam Tussauds in Las Vegas, has had to step up security of the curvy celebrities replica, because her fans were posting inappropriate pictures of themselves posing in compromising positions with the waxwork.

The museum selected a posture of the rapper on all fours, from a position she struck in the raunchy music video of her highest charting single, Anaconda, and Minaj approved of the idea.

The Anaconda music video itself leaves very little to the imagination, taking twerking to a whole new level. Even so, the waxwork pose chosen has brought the stars personal brand literally, to it’s knees.


Manhandling of look-a-like waxworks is not new.

At the Sydney based Madam Tussauds, Delta Goodrem’s waxwork had fans redoing her makeup and hair daily and plucking off her eyelashes.

As the most kissed model, Kylie Minogues lips have to regularly replaced and Justine Timberlake's often looks shabby because of all the hugs he gets.

It is however, hard to believe no-one thought that perhaps the provocative pose chosen for the Minaj waxwork might be a clear invitation for abuse.

Perhaps the provocative pose chosen for the Minaj waxwork might be a clear invitation for abuse

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Minaj often promotes her personal brand by demonstrating total confidence in her self image but being groped and molesting by your fans without even being even in the room, does seem to hit rock bottom when it comes to respectability.

Seriously, what were they thinking?

Or was this just another publicity stunt. Perhaps no news is bad news for this celeb.

Is it ironic that the real life, plastic surgery enhanced performer, has been upstaged by a totally fake, synthetic image of herself?

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