#whatweretheythinking Cricket Woes Blamed On WAGS

By Lauren | #whatweretheythinking

Aug 17

Former wicketkeeper Ian Healy has suggested that WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends) were a contributing factor behind the cricket woes of the Ashes 2015 Australian Cricket Team.

He said “cricket is a sport that requires complete concentration” and that perhaps having family and partners with you too much of a distraction.

Retiring Captain Michael Clarke has responded to this and other comments about disharmony in the team, by telling the media it was “A load of shit”. Further reinforcing his personal brand.


Meanwhile David Warners wife, Candice Falzon is busy squashing the rumour that she doesn’t get along with Michael Clarkes Wife Kyly, calling the gossip “rubbish”.

Hayley Bracken (wife of retired fast bowler Nathan Bracken) has added fuel to the fire by suggesting the WAGS is a 'nest of vipers’, perhaps in an opportunistic approach to sell some of her books.

Hayley Bracken has added fuel to the fire by suggesting the WAGS is a 'nest of vipers’

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Regardless of all the hoop-la, it seems to me the main distraction is that no one is talking about what’s going on with the sport itself and how they will rebuild the brand.
It is going to need lots of TLC to get back in the public good books and all the blame and scandal certainly isn’t helping the personal brands of the players themselves.

In the professional sporting arena, where careers are short and the headlines heinous, what lessons can be learned?

  1. The best team will always win - even if they don’t. Public and private support always favours those who stick together and have each others backs, everyone hates a poor loser.
  2. When you are a star, what goes on the field and what goes on in the dressing room (also shopping centre, playground, bar..) is the same thing. Being aware of your brand and staying consistent is vital.
  3. Grace, honesty and confidence will win over brawn, bogus and arrogance every time. Trying to be something you’re not or attempting to justify your failure instead of owning it, will not help your personal brand.

It will be interesting to see how the sport of cricket in Australia recovers from the emotional outpouring which has engulfed the game.

More importantly, how will the past, current and future players restore faith in the Green & Gold brand at the core of Australian culture.?

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