#whatweretheythinking – Ben & Jerry’s

By Lauren | #whatweretheythinking

Jun 16

What were they thinking?
Ben & Jerrys ice-cream was established in the 70's in the USA and had a distinctive difference. They added amazing chunks of all sorts of delicious treats - cookie dough, chocolate, peanuts, toffee and even pretzels.

They also decided early on to be a socially responsible brand, choosing sustainable business practices that supported their suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees and customers.


Recently they launched some new advertising here in Australia called the Sorry Not Sorry campaign, stating that they were sorry that there was less ice-cream in their ice-cream than in other ice-cream brands.

#whatweretheythinking - Sorry Not Sorry campaign claims Ben & Jerry's have less ice cream in their ice cream....huh?

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Now, if you know the Ben & Jerry's brand you will get it, because you know all about the 'chunks', but what if you aren't already a fan?

Would this campaign put you off trying this brand because it sounds like they have been caught out for doing something wrong and are making a public apology for it?

Is this campaign too clever for the average brain to figure out?

Does it sounds like a forced public apology perhaps because they have done something wrong?

Were they targeting existing customers or new customers?

Because it seems like lots of money being spent to keep existing customers happy?

Have you heard or seen the ads and wondered what they were sorry for?

Perhaps you haven't thought about it until now but subconsciously think this is a serious public apology instead of a marketing campaign?

Do adverts like this work or are they just a bit too clever?

I'm not quite sure what they were thinking but it's got me talking!



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