What Do I Put On My Website???

By Lauren | Insight

Feb 23

Each media channel is different.
In radio you have just 15 or 30 seconds to get your message across using only words and sound to communicate.
A billboard is a set size to fit images and content that someone can read as they drive past doing 100kms.
TV is exceptional in that it communicates with both the eyes and the ears, with moving images, although you still only get 15, 30 or 60 seconds to get your message across.
Print media is divided up into column inches and costs more the more space you use and you only get to use written words and pictures to communicate.

But What Do I Put On My Website?...


With a website, you get to decide how big it is and what's on there and you can do it yourself (Wix, WordPress etc) or get someone else to do it for you, either way though, you decide what goes on it.
Therein lies the conundrum!

With media that is restricted in some way, you have to focus on just what's important, with websites though, you can fill them up with whatever you want!

And the biggest downside to websites? You don't get 60, 30 or even 15 seconds, you only get 3 - 4 seconds to engage and form a connection for your prospect to stay there!!!

So, what do you put on your website?
If you get someone to put it together for you (a web guy or gal) -
What do you ask them to do for you?

How do I decide what to you put on my website?

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The first step is to draw up a Web Map.
A one page diagram of your site. What the pages will be and how they will engage and interact.

Vital of course is your Home Page. There are plenty of guides for layout, for example:

  • Have a great headline
  • Keep everything that engages 'above the fold'
  • Utilise the top right hand corner
  • Use video to capture attention

..but there is a more important question to ask yourself about the home page, and in fact the entire website.
What do you want your visitor to do?

  • Do you want them to call you?
  • Complete a form?
  • Enquire on email?
  • Buy something?
  • Book an appointment?
  • Download your free or paid gift/product?
  • Or be added to your database for future marketing?...

I once met a business woman who spent months and thousands of dollars getting her 28 page website built and when I asked her what happens in real life she said
"Oh, people find me through word of mouth and local advertising and they call me."
I asked her, what happens then? 
"I offer them my complimentary consultancy and 90% of them book."

So I asked her why she needed 28 pages of website, when she just needed to get them to do the same thing via her website!
She literally slapped her forehead and said
"I wish I had met you months ago before I started all this work!"
So here is a complimentary copy of a web map - the first page is instructional the second page is blank.

Download Your FREE Web Map (no sign up required)

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Plus if you want to find out how to brief your Web Guy or Gal, you can watch this recorded webinar, which also shows you how to brief a creative and includes insight from a web guy!

Have fun building your website and gaining that vital customer engagement.
We'd love to know your questions about building a website, you can ask below in the comments area.


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Lauren Clemett is the Best Selling Author of the “SELLING YOU” series of practical guidebooks Know Me, Like Me & Trust Me. She is a personal branding specialist and award winning Neurobrander, helping service providers and consultants generate more income from their expertise. For more information Click Here.