What Are Your Gifts?

By Lauren | Insight

Dec 23

Christmas is here and it’s the time for giving and receiving of gifts…but what is your gift to give to the World?

Have you figured out yet, what your one true gift is that makes you so special?
At an evening with Oprah recently, she talked about the ‘thread’ that connects our life, starting very young when we did something effortlessly, something we loved doing, something that simply came naturally.
In her case it was speaking, starting at church as a child and of course becoming one of the most famous TV show hosts and great orators.

What is yours?

Think back…was it singing, dance, did you organise things, draw, read, play acting for your friends and family, play a sport really well, help others, tell stories, teach others, make people laugh…


What was the thing that you perhaps even got told off for?

For me it was being creative, drawing and painting. I also loved story telling and listening to stories, then retelling them.
But as a child I was told I would never be able to read or write properly, because I had what the teacher called “word-blindness” or dyslexia.
Well I proved him wrong (which is exactly what he hoped to accomplish), threw myself into books and taught myself to ‘see’ words in my own way.
I became a very good brand manager, working at leading ad agencies and corporates and now I’m a best selling author 5 times over. My disability became my greatest asset.


Perhaps my natural talent was tenacity!

What do you find super easy that others find difficult?

It’s what I call your expert-ease and it’s probably the most unique aspect to your personal brand.
It’s your gift, your natural talent the World needs and is waiting for.

Your expert-ease, the most unique aspect to your personal brand.
It’s your gift, your natural talent the World needs and is waiting for.


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If not, think back to when you were young and what you loved to do.
Think about what you do now and the process you go through to help others…is there something you do without even thinking about it?

Maybe it’s more than one thing, maybe it’s a related set of skills you just feel totally confident using. Maybe it’s a certain way you think or approach things?

I hope you do find your gifts this holiday season, and take the time to consider how you can package them to be of service to others.

When you do, it’s like a fire going off in your belly. You can make the decision to be known for doing one thing really well. So well that people choose you, they don’t need convincing and they don't mind paying whatever you ask for.
Because they know you are the expert. They can sense your confidence and self belief that you know exactly what to do to help them.

Have you found your gifts yet?

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Enjoy your gifts this Christmas!

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