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By Lauren | Brain food

Apr 06

When it comes to goals... you need to Just Do It!
So here we are...the first quarter of 2015 is over and a nice 4 days off for those who celebrate Easter...what did you plan to be doing at this stage? Did you write goals in the New Year that are now buried under paperwork or gathering dust somewhere?

Do any of your goals scare you?
Do they push you outside your comfort zone?
Are they the type of goals that make you sweat at night and wake up gasping with your brain screaming at you "How are you going to do all that!!!???".
Are your goals motivating you enough?


Are your goals motivating you enough?

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This morning, as I prepare for the a round of Webinars I had planned back in 2014 to launch in February 2015 and contemplate the fact that I'm a month later than I wanted to be...it occurred to me that we definitely OVERESTIMATE what can be done in the short term and UNDERESTIMATE what can be achieved in the long term.
Maybe we need to find the balance between drive and self fulfilment?
Here are my tips for this week:

  • Set amazeballs goals that scare the crap out of you
  • Take steps everyday to work towards them (some will be giant leaps like walking on the moon, others will be ant steps or even going backwards for a short time)
  • Don't Panic! If your goal is important enough to you, you will get there, even if it's later than you want or via a different route
  • Reward yourself - you are incredible, unique and inspiringly talented, plus you get up each day to do this over and over again without giving up.

Go kick some goals today - Just Do It!


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