How Many Facebook Pages Is Too Many??

By Lauren | Marketing

Oct 05

How many Facebook pages should you have to build your personal brand and can you use your private page to build your profile?

I have a private facebook page, a business page and a public figure page...

Here's what I have found...


Definitely have a business page - run all your marketing and promotions from that, include a call to action and leverage your posts from there - absolutely vital for all businesses, no matter how big or small. I have a far wider reach on my business page, internationally it stacks up better because FaceBook love that I spend money on that page and run all my advertising from it.

It's especially easy to have a Call To Action (CTA) on your business page now too as the new Facebook layout gives you a massive blue button at the top to direct people too!

What about a Public Figure Page?

We'll if you're a speaker, author, micro-business, positioning yourself as the expert in your niche and want to create a strong personal brand but not share everything about your family and private's an option for sure.

All the global personal brands do it well - Ellen DeGeneres is a great example and many other celebrity brands including Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk of course have a Public Figure Page. But should you? 

You can build a Public Figure page to a nice level of engagement by inviting all your existing friends and anyone who sends you a friend request, just respond with a nice saying "hey there, this is my private page, if you pop over here instead you'll find much more interesting posts" - just make it in the style of your personal brand.

The upside of a Public Figure Page?
Great brand building, definitely separates the personal from the public profile.

The downside?
It can't be used to post in groups and is a pain to have yet another account to manage...often feels like I'm doubling up on my posting between there and my business it worth it?

What about your Private Page, can you use that for your personal brand too?

Of course Mr Facebook himself Mark Zukerberg has over 82 million friends on his private page - although this is obviously managed by his team.

A private page is certainly the most effective way to run your Facebook activity, making it easy to go live on video, join groups, post and comment, but your friend see ALL of your posts, including those of your private life and family and they can go back through your entire history...unless you closely manage your posting settings.

I was once told if your grandma would be ashamed of it, don't post in reality, unless you are a kardashian or miley cyrus and don't get a flying f%#k...your personal posts should give your prospects an ideal of what sort of person you really are - your sense of humor, what you like, who you hang with etc. Which is vital in the age of the authentic brand.

If your grandma would be ashamed of it, don't post it!

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The downside of using your private page to build your personal brand is that your friends and family really aren't that interested in your work or business and get sick of seeing that in their newsfeed and do you really want your family or where you go for dinner in the spotlight?

So the outcome of this experiment???

My marketing gut tells me to keep going on this track, with a clear separation of public and would be nice if FB let me post in groups using my public figure page though...

How many Facebook pages do you have? 

What works best for you?

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