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By Lauren | Brain food

Nov 11

The Elevator Pitch - According to Wikipedia The name "elevator pitch" reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes. It is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition.

What did you say at your last "Elevator Opportunity"?
Is it different every time? Do you get interest, or do people glaze over and fall asleep while you're speaking?
Would you like to know the way to pitch that guarantees you will feel more confident with what you say and have people running up to you to get your business card after you deliver it?

Here's my proven BEST Formula:


B: Be specific about who you are & what you do
E: Exactly who you help - inch wide, mile deep!
S: Solve a problem
T: Tell them why you love doing what you do
Then always finish with a strong USP that activates them and gives them recall..And the best part is...
The formula works because it gets through the brains defences, tunes into their WIIFM and engages emotionally, driving a dopamine desire in the brain - Sorry that's a bit techy but I've been studying Neurobranding and I know this formula works because it deals with the brains natural way of processing marketing messages.
The best part is that once you have your's clarified, you can adapt it to different audiences while retaining the core message about you and your businesses. Whoop!

I actually go through this 1:1 with people at my workshops on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and we work on the wording and language to make it simple for you to recall and gives you the confidence to deliver it well every time.

If you would like some help to really rocket launch your pitch click here :

The guarantee to feeling more confident and having people run up to you to get your business card.

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Lauren Clemett is the Best Selling Author of the “SELLING YOU” series of practical guidebooks Know Me, Like Me & Trust Me. She is a personal branding specialist and award winning Neurobrander, helping service providers and consultants generate more income from their expertise. For more information Click Here.