The 3 Biggest Problems When Selling Services

By Lauren | Core Message

Mar 18

When service providers and consultants discover I'm a Personal Brand Marketing Specialist, they immediately tell me the 3 biggest problems when selling their services they would like help solving are:

  • I can't easily explain what I do
  • I don't know who my ideal prospect is
  • I don't really know my niche - I can help everyone!

The interesting thing is that I see branding take a back seat to marketing on a regular basis in business, especially with service providers, who are "selling the invisible". As a result they really struggle to know how to explain why someone should choose them.

Once you have a personal brand, the marketing becomes easy. You know exactly who you are targeting, what message you want them to engage with and exactly how to explain the transformation that takes place when they use your services.


The confused mind will never buy, that's why it's vital for services providers to make it clear for prospects to understand.
Having a personal brand enables you to:

  • Know who you are and who you help
  • Select the prospects you will like working with as clients
  • Develop trust because you are a specialist in a particular niche

In reality the 3 problems are answered with 3 simple steps:

Know me, Like Me, Trust Me.

Once you have that, you know what marketing tactics will and won't work, saving you time and money and being far more effective with your marketing and promotional activity.

Your 3 selling problems are answered with 3 simple steps: Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me

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Lauren Clemett is a Personal branding Specialist and Neurobranding Enthusiast. She holds Half Day Personal Branding Workshops to help you discover your Single Minded Purpose and begin to develop a strong personal brand that makes you the go-to expert in your field.
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About the Author

Lauren Clemett is the Best Selling Author of the “SELLING YOU” series of practical guidebooks Know Me, Like Me & Trust Me. She is a personal branding specialist and award winning Neurobrander, helping service providers and consultants generate more income from their expertise. For more information Click Here.