How Personal Branding Can Make Marketing Activity Simple

By Lauren | Brand Magnet

Apr 08


When you have a personal brand, your marketing decisions become very simple and easy.

The latest news that !2 Years A Slave Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'o is now the face of Lancome is a true example of this.

Lupita recently spoke at Essence, the Black Women in Hollywood organisation where she told the heart wrenching story of her own desire to "whiten" her skin, praying to God to do this for her as she slept because she believed it would make her more beautiful. Of course her Mother told her she already was beautiful, but the magazines, media and world around her didn't give her the same message. It wasn't until she saw a stunning (and very dark skinned) model in the media that she began to develop her self confidence and acceptance that she was indeed, a very beautiful person, both inside and out.


Having such a vibrant and unique brand ambassador as Lupita, fits entirely with Lancomes brand - Release the beauty inside you.

And it fits with the incredible depth of beauty Lupita stands for. Her essence is beauty from the inside out.

It's a match made in heaven and would have been a simple choice for her to make, because the promotional opportunity fits so well with her True North, adding even more power to her Personal Brand.

So what's your personal brand? Do you even know what a Personal Brand is?

If your marketing and promotion is all over the place it's probably because you haven't developed your Personal Brand yet.

Investing a little effort and time into discovering your Personal Brand could be the answer, because once you know Who you are and What you stand for, the How becomes simple.

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