Is There A Hidden Message In Your Brand?

By Lauren | Brand Magnet

Jan 20

In the study of Neurobranding it has been enlightening to undercover how our brain subconsciously deals with the 5000 branded messages it is hit with every day.
Given there are so many messages, it's not surprising that we miss many of these messages on a conscious level, but they do get through to our subconscious brain, and form attitudes and beliefs we are not even aware of.
That's why consistency and repetitiveness is so vital for a stand out brand.

Is there a hidden message in your brand that targets
that subconscious level?


Case Study:
Take a look at the Amazon logo for example. It's a brand you have probably seen thousands of times, yet never stopped to notice the hidden messages within it.
Most people think of books when they think of Amazon, and they are amazed when they discover that actually Amazon are the worlds largest retailer. It's warehouses could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic swimming pools of product and they manage the logistics for millions of products all over the globe.
Now take a look at the logo and you can see there is a yellow arrow going from the a to the z in Amazon - exactly what they do, shipping everything from a-z!
Can you also see that the arrow is shaped like a smile - Amazon pride themselves on great customer service and ease of use. Yellow itself is a happy colour and although the black typeface indicates accuracy and reliability, it's also rounded and friendly.

Is there a hidden message in your brand that targets the subconscious level?

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Now you see these hidden messages you will always notice them.
That's the brain storing information for future reference that you learned consciously, interesting that you probably already subconsciously felt a certain way about Amazon even before I pointed these messages out to you to notice.
Can you see any hidden messages in your brand?

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