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By Lauren | Brand Magnet

May 07

Fear is a funny thing. It’s possibly one of the most powerful influencers inside the entrepreneurs brain.

The fear centre of the brain, or Amygdala, works on memory and emotion, it generates that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, the fluttering butterflies and sweaty palms.It’s not all bad though, the Amygdala is there to keep you alive, so that’s pretty useful.

It stops you from making bad decisions and reminding you of pain or suffering to avoid repeating mistakes.

Fear also stands for False Expectations Appearing Real though, and that can have serious consequences for your personal brand.


If you let fear, or the false expectations of what might happen, hold you back from achieving your true potential, you are letting your brain control you. Chatting with Video Blogging Genius Paul Holland and he told me that fear is the #1 thing stopping people from leveraging the most powerful platform to launch your personal brand. Video.

YouTube has 300 hours of content added every minute and 4 billion videos are watched each and every single day. So what's stopping you from getting your brand on there?

Paul identified 3 fears that immobilises otherwise rational, sensible people from videoing sharing their unique gifts and talents with the World:

Fear #1. The Stuff Up 
AKA: Afraid of looking bad in front of camera and getting it wrong.

Paul suggests that you need to trust your own knowledge and the fact that what you are have to say is valuable even if it doesn't come out the way you imagine. Remember that your audience want you to succeed. No one clicks on your video thinking "I hope this sucks”.

Give great value and you will be rewarded for it with views, likes and shares. Of course there’s that old saying that 'professionals practice and amateurs wing it'.

So make sure you practice in front of the camera, be prepared to take time to get better, because with more practice doing it, you will feel more relaxed and become more natural. Don't expect to be perfect, no one wants that. They want real. Need proof? The majority of videos watched on YouTube are of epic fails!

Give great value and you will be rewarded for it with views, likes and shares

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Fear #2. It’s Too Hard 
AKA: Technophobia.

If you fear the technology is too hard to deal with you need to get over yourself. Paul suggests to get started with your smartphone. He’s pretty confident you know how to take a picture and make a video using your phone, so you are already underway.

Having a process to follow and clear instructions (from an expert like Paul) will make using more advanced equipment like a DSLR easy once you are ready to step up.
And ask for help.

Too many people give up before seeking advice and support from a properly qualified video marketer who can make it so simple.

If you fear the technology is too hard to deal with you need to get over yourself

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Fear #3. No Time
AKA: I'm too busy already!

If you already feel overloaded and wonder how on earth are you going to fit in video blogging, Paul suggests you book a specific date into your calendar and allow more time than you think you need at first. It is a small sacrifice to make to spend extra time while you are getting used to it and the results from video blogging are phenomenal once you get into a flow.

Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library vlog was recorded each day Monday through Thursday and eventually attracted 90,000 viewers. The videos were mostly shot from Gary's desk, then quickly uploaded to the channel. You could fit that into your busy schedule right!

Paul also suggests you avoid writing scripts. Instead, write bullet points and follow a structure, trusting yourself to know your content. This way you can record a vlog (video blog) in just a few minutes.

Most importantly, Paul says to focus on what you are good at, which is your content and your expertise. You can always outsource the rest.

The results from video blogging are phenomenal once you get into a flow

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Special Invitation: I invite you to join me as I interrogate Paul for his #1 secrets and action steps to grow your brand impact and monetise your business with video blogging.

CLICK HERE to register for the FREE LIVE Brandworking episode with Paul Holland, on Thursday 12th May at 12 Noon Qld Australia Time.
If this time doesn’t suit you, you can also register for the FREE replay and still ask questions there too.


About the Author

Lauren Clemett is the Best Selling Author of the “SELLING YOU” series of practical guidebooks Know Me, Like Me & Trust Me. She is a personal branding specialist and award winning Neurobrander, helping service providers and consultants generate more income from their expertise. For more information Click Here.