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The clarity and direction you need to rocket launch your brand and business

Award Winning Authority Rocket Program - LIVE with Lauren Clemett



Discover your Single Minded Purpose and develop your Core Message to easily explain why your prospects should choose you.



Use Neurobranding science to uncover the hidden messages in your brand and learn the secrets to create an instantly appealing image for you and your business.



Learn how to naturally attract the right clients by finding your niche, making you the go-to, specialist and become well known for your expertise and a leader in your industry.



Achieve the confidence you need to earn more for your services with word of mouth marketing on steroids and a Marketing Action Plan to make promoting your services easy



Especially designed for professional services providers who want to create impact and influence by packaging your unique gifts and natural talents

All Of This In One Easy To Follow Package

Live Training

Limited numbers so you have plenty of 1:1 time with Lauren working on your brand (valued at $2388)

Clear Direction

Define your brand strategy to know exactly which social media channel, content marketing and promotion to focus on to attract the right clients

Online Program

Unlimited access to the Award Winning Authority Rocket online program to further develop your personal brand (valued at over $2994)

100% Clarity

Stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work, get your brand right first.

Action Steps

Packed with proven formulas, simple processes and expert tools you can use immediately

Best Selling Guidebook

Your own copy of the Best Selling Guidebook  ‘Selling You’, full of formulas and processes to become known, liked & trusted (valued at $25)

Know exactly what you want to be known for.
By the end of the workshop you will have the clarity and direction you need to stand out as the go-to expert.
Afterwards you will use the action planner, worksheets and video tutorials in the Authority Rocket online program, and follow the steps in the ‘Selling You’ guidebook to put into action what you learn and get results fast.

Award Winning Program valued at over $5407 is yours for Just $297

Learn with Best Selling Author & Personal Branding Specialist, Lauren Clemett

Award winning Neurobrander and personal branding specialist, Lauren Clemett, has over 25 years brand management experience working within the World leading advertising agencies; Saatchi & Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Worldwide and as brand manager for AXA Corporation, managing the Rugby World Sevens event sponsorship.

Now a four time best selling author, having been diagnosed with “Word Blindness” (dyslexia) at the age of eight and turning the disability into her greatest asset, she understands what it takes to become a successful brand in a disruptive, cluttered and confusing world.

Often called a “Pocket Rocket”, she has helped hundreds of professional service providers define their purpose to make marketing more effective and effortless with a true brand strategy.

 “I get excited about clarifying your purpose, embracing the power of building your authority as an expert and launching you and your business in the right direction” 

What People are Saying...

Marguerita Pitbull Mindset

Value For Money

“I’m really living my brand now, it enables me to be so much more authentic. I can be me and step up into my power. I feel so much more excited about what I do.”

Allan Young Business Coach

Valuable Content, Definitely Value For Money

"Terrific! A real lesson on what a good workshop should be, I really appreciated the valuable content, definitely value for money."

Kath Compass Business Support

Awesome Tools

“This is amazing! I certainly became very clear about my target market, my core message and my cascade of influence. I have some awesome tools and steps to implement straight away.”

Brian Franchise Simply

Business Direction

“This is fantastic for those who need clarity and direction in business and those just starting to reposition themselves. Terrific introduction to developing your real and effective brand.”

Chrissy Taylor Eyecatcha Marketing

Now Have Concrete Steps To Follow

"Enjoyed the guided questions which made me think about what I am doing and how clear my message is. I now have concrete steps to follow and a path ahead to become the expert in my field. This has definitely narrowed my perspective and I love it!"

Keith Website Developer

Clarity Around How To Position My Brand

"This is brilliant! I’ve been trying to get some clarity around how to position my brand as different from others and what we achieved in just 4 hours was far more than I ever expected to accomplish. Thank you!"

Is this workshop right for you?

This workshop is not for everybody, you can check below to see if you will get the best results.


  • Professional service providers who want to stand out and be found
  • Consultants, mentors, advisors or agents who want to naturally attract the right clients
  • Service providers who want to be valued for their expertise as the go-to specialist
  • Business owners who have authentic experience and want a unique profile to live their brand


  • Businesses selling products without supplying a service or building a following
  • Salespeople who want to use mind tricks to manipulate people into buying 
  • Start-up businesses who are out to make a fast buck as quickly as possible

  • Transaction focused service providers who are happy to blend in and serve themselves
Get Clarity & Direction or your money back!

If you don’t feel this workshop, book and online program gives you the clarity and direction you need to develop, build and sustain a personal brand, you have 30 days to ask for a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Lauren & The Team At Ultimate Business Propellor


Additional to the live workshop you will also receive:

Access to the MEMBERS ONLY Group

Hundreds of professional service providers who have completed the Authority Rocket program are here to share. Discover the free tools and tips, PLUS Brand building opportunities for media coverage, podcast interviews and media callouts and links to gurus who can help you launch your brand.


FREE Members Only Q&A Webinars

Hundreds of professional service providers who have completed the Authority Rocket program are here to share. Discover the free tools and tips, PLUS Brand building opportunities for media coverage, podcast interviews and media callouts and links to gurus who can help you launch your brand.


Heavily Discounted 1:1 Sessions

Specially discounted Brandworking 1:1 sessions and access to Lauren’s diary to book time to work with her 1:1 on your brand and business, mentoring you through the entire process, PLUS member only prices for advanced training in Maximum Velocity.


For 1 Deal

Work with your partner or spouse? Come to the workshop together and pay for only 1 seat.
It's far more productive to work with your colleague or partner at the workshop than to relay information afterwards - if you want to take advantage of the 2 for 1 deal, go ahead and book your single seat, then email us the details of your guest's name.

Award Winning Live Training & Program valued at over $5407 is yours for Just $297
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