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your easy to use productivity planner

  • Get rid of lengthy lists and piles of post-it notes
  • Plan your entire week in just 20 minutes
  • Break your week into projects and tasks on just one page
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want to achieve more with the time you have?

It's so frustrating, when you have dreams and goals that excite you but can't seem to get any real time to work on them!

What if you could take just a few minutes (perhaps on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of something cold) to plan your whole week ahead?

What if you could easily refer to a one page planner, to tick off tasks and know exactly what to do next?

What if you could include everything in your life, making sure nothing was missed and that you get the traction and results you want?

the weekly action planner

  • 1
    Is easy and simple to use
  • 2
    Uses projects to manage everything
  • 3
    Ensures you don't get overwhelmed with too many tasks

best selling author & international Award winning personal branding specialist, lauren Clemett

"I created this amazing productivity tool when I was writing three books and had to discipline myself to manage my time better. Not only did I write all 3 books in 4 months, I got 10X more done and had far less stressful weeks.
I now share this clever tool with all my personal branding clients to help them take action, get momentum and results, without being overstretched, overwhelmed or out of control."
Lauren Clemett, Director, Ultimate Business Propellor.

  • Business owners who have authentic experience and want a unique profile to create impact and influence
  • Debbie

    D.A.M. Accounting Services

    “The Weekly Action Planner has made my business so much more efficient. By allocating time for various projects, I have achieved so much more in one week than I could have imagined. It is the tool that you need to give you time to work on your business.”

    what can weekly action planner do

    Firstly, it's a one page planner. So you can see in an instant, what you have to do and the steps to get you there.

    It breaks your week into projects, with space for a limited number of tasks to complete - which stops you trying to achieve too much in a short space of time, but encourages you to focus on what is vitally important.

    You tick off each task as it is completed and if a task stays on your planner for more than 2 weeks, it is too big. You can break it down further and get more done in the 3rd week.

    You can include client work, product launches, event management, household tasks and family focused projects too.

    The best part is, that once you get use to creating a planner for the week, it becomes a habit and you never find yourself wasting time, in fact you get more done and have more time to do what you should be doing!

    The Weekly Action Planner

    • Includes how to use it
    • One Page Planner, blank for you to copy
    • 8 Project spaces
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      5 Task spaces per project

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