Sep 11

How To Bypass The Brain With Your Marketing Message…

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight

In the 1970's consumers brains were hit by about 500 advertising or brand messages a it's more like 5000 a day, that's over 5 a minute!

That’s crazy! How on earth do we absorb that amount of information?

We can, because we have a massive microprocessor called a brain that subliminally manages all of these messages, filing them away, filtering them out or, if deemed important, stopping us in our tracks and making us aware of them.

What you are going to have to do is find some way to stand out from the crowd and capture a prospects attention and you are going to have to do it quickly.

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Aug 26


By Lauren | Brandworking , Marketing

Confused with all the tech terms, jargon and mumbo-jumbo when it comes to Web Marketing?
Here's a simple analogy that can help you better understand what on earth all those "InterWeb" geeks are talking about...

Web Hosting: like an empty room on a server, you can fill the room with your images, video, content, links, lead captures, downloads, contact forms...

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Aug 21

Is FOMO Killing Your Business

By Lauren | Core Message , Marketing

There is an affliction service providers and consultants are suffering from and it’s killing their businesses.
It’s called FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out.
And it's becoming an epidemic...If one more person tells me that their target audience is “everyone” …I will scream!
I believe FOMO is one of the main reasons why most service providers struggle to find and communicate their point of difference.

They don’t want to ‘miss out’ on all those potential clients out there by being specific about the distinct type of person they help. They try to be “everything to everyone”.
As a service provider or consultant it can be difficult to narrow down your “inch wide, mile deep” niche, because you believe your service can help almost anyone.

Trouble is, going after everyone is virtually impossible, especially on a zero marketing budget, and it’s detrimental to your brand.
FOMO could be stopping you from becoming known for a specific service, with a specific clientele.
Why is it so important to become known as a specialist?

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Jul 21

Only Money Grabbers Do Business On The Gold Coast?

By Lauren | Insight

It’s hard doing business on the Gold Coast (and anywhere else that has great sun, beaches and lifestyle)...because it seems to be all about the $$$$
During this week, jam-packed full of meetings and networking and I found a common trait throughout all the conversations.. Many people were saying how hard it is to do business with Gold Coast businesses.

After all of these discussions, I now have a THEORY.

I believe that the Gold Coast is one of the best cities in the world to bring up a family, live a healthy life and enjoy a pretty decent standard of living. We have lots and lots of sunny days, beautiful beaches, transport & infrastructure, healthcare, education and daily access to some extraordinarily beautiful locations people pay thousands to come and visit.

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Jul 10

3 Ways To Find Your Focus And Become More Attractive To The Right Client

By Lauren | Core Message , Marketing

If you are a service provider you probably spend the majority of your time putting out fires and managing tasks. There is almost zero time left to prospect for new business. Wouldn't it be easier to simply become totally attractive to the best possible prospects?

Here are three things you can do today, to make you and your services more attractive to ideal prospects so they come looking for you.

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Jun 03

So What Do You Do?

By Lauren | Insight

How do you answer that question when you meet potential prospects?

The average brain is hit with over 3000 messages promotional each day, that's 3 every waking minute! You are going to have to clearly and concisely present yourself and your business in order to cut through this competition for attention.

The saying goes "A confused mind never buys".

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May 02

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

By Lauren | Marketing


I love the idea of exercising, it’s the actual doing of it that I find difficult.

Once I had a goal to lose about 10kg and decided that I would go for a bike ride every morning. I found a nice flat circular route of about 10kms and set my alarm to go for it first thing in the morning.

All my clothes, hat and shoes were ready by the bed so there was a seamless action as I jumped out of bed and got dressed, out the door and on the bike before my brain had really woken up and started telling me how crazy I was to be cycling while it was still dark.

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Apr 08

How Personal Branding Can Make Marketing Activity Simple

By Lauren | Brand Magnet , Marketing


When you have a personal brand, your marketing decisions become very simple and easy.

The latest news that !2 Years A Slave Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'o is now the face of Lancome is a true example of this.

Lupita recently spoke at Essence, the Black Women in Hollywood organisation where she told the heart wrenching story of her own desire to "whiten" her skin, praying to God to do this for her as she slept because she believed it would make her more beautiful. Of course her Mother told her she already was beautiful, but the magazines, media and world around her didn't give her the same message. It wasn't until she saw a stunning (and very dark skinned) model in the media that she began to develop her self confidence and acceptance that she was indeed, a very beautiful person, both inside and out.

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