Jun 03

So What Do You Do?

By Lauren | Insight

How do you answer that question when you meet potential prospects?

The average brain is hit with over 3000 messages promotional each day, that's 3 every waking minute! You are going to have to clearly and concisely present yourself and your business in order to cut through this competition for attention.

The saying goes "A confused mind never buys".

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May 02

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

By Lauren | Marketing


I love the idea of exercising, it’s the actual doing of it that I find difficult.

Once I had a goal to lose about 10kg and decided that I would go for a bike ride every morning. I found a nice flat circular route of about 10kms and set my alarm to go for it first thing in the morning.

All my clothes, hat and shoes were ready by the bed so there was a seamless action as I jumped out of bed and got dressed, out the door and on the bike before my brain had really woken up and started telling me how crazy I was to be cycling while it was still dark.

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Apr 08

How Personal Branding Can Make Marketing Activity Simple

By Lauren | Brand Magnet , Marketing


When you have a personal brand, your marketing decisions become very simple and easy.

The latest news that !2 Years A Slave Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'o is now the face of Lancome is a true example of this.

Lupita recently spoke at Essence, the Black Women in Hollywood organisation where she told the heart wrenching story of her own desire to "whiten" her skin, praying to God to do this for her as she slept because she believed it would make her more beautiful. Of course her Mother told her she already was beautiful, but the magazines, media and world around her didn't give her the same message. It wasn't until she saw a stunning (and very dark skinned) model in the media that she began to develop her self confidence and acceptance that she was indeed, a very beautiful person, both inside and out.

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Apr 03

The 1st Step Women Need To Get Ahead In Business

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight


I have a fabulous mentor based mostly in the USA and we are often in different time zones when we talk. One week it was afternoon for me and later in the evening for him. We had a great session and at the end he said “Well, I’m being called for dinner so I’d better go”.

I hung up with a book full of notes in front of me, excited about what we had discussed and raring to go and an odd thought occurred to me.

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Mar 21

Lost And Need To Find Direction Fast?

By Lauren | Insight , News


When you are on your own in business it can be difficult to find the momentum to keep going...especially if you are not sure where you are going.

Often you just think it would be so much easier if you had some sense of direction. That way at least you could get on with doing the right things, that brought you reward and success and less time on stuff that wasted your time and money.

What if you could just get some simple insight from experts who really knew what it took to stand out in the crowd, attract perfect clients and charge more for your expertise?

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Jan 30

Who Else Wants A Piece Of Me???

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight

Ever get frustrated at the time wasting 'stuff' you have to do and the eternal interruptions that are stopping you from getting on and completing those the half finished tasks growing longer on your To Do list ...?

As a consultant, some days it feels like everyone just wants a piece of you and there is nothing left for you. You can get so focused on what other people need that you loose sense of why you are even doing what you do. Wouldn't it be great to get out of the daily grind, become really productive and achieve more in less time?

Here's some tips I have learned from a fantastic book I recently read called "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. I am not affiliated with this book, I just loved it's simple message and fresh approach to the "time v money" conundrum we all suffer from in a service based business. You can find it on Amazon.

Here are the 4 steps:

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Jan 10

Shortcut To Success

By Lauren | Insight

One morning I had an urgent Skype call and I didn’t want to miss out on my exercise routine, so I decided to take a shortcut. This is what happened.

6 days out of 7, I go for a morning bike ride, about 10 kms, very flat, nothing serious. I have lycraphobia and ride an old dunga mountain bike. It’s more for keeping fit and healthy, certainly not peloton level. The bonus is, it’s great thinking time.

This one morning, I knew I didn’t have the 45 minutes I usually take, so I decided to try to find a shorter route. And I managed to navigate my way around in about 20 minutes, got home and got on that call.

Trouble was, now I knew there was a shortcut!

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