Mar 18

The 3 Biggest Problems When Selling Services

By Lauren | Core Message , Marketing

When service providers and consultants discover I'm a Personal Brand Marketing Specialist, they immediately tell me the 3 biggest problems when selling their services they would like help solving are:

  • I can't easily explain what I do
  • I don't know who my ideal prospect is
  • I don't really know my niche - I can help everyone!

The interesting thing is that I see branding take a back seat to marketing on a regular basis in business, especially with service providers, who are "selling the invisible". As a result they really struggle to know how to explain why someone should choose them.

Once you have a personal brand, the marketing becomes easy. You know exactly who you are targeting, what message you want them to engage with and exactly how to explain the transformation that takes place when they use your services.

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Feb 23

What Do I Put On My Website???

By Lauren | Insight

Each media channel is different.
In radio you have just 15 or 30 seconds to get your message across using only words and sound to communicate.
A billboard is a set size to fit images and content that someone can read as they drive past doing 100kms.
TV is exceptional in that it communicates with both the eyes and the ears, with moving images, although you still only get 15, 30 or 60 seconds to get your message across.
Print media is divided up into column inches and costs more the more space you use and you only get to use written words and pictures to communicate.

But What Do I Put On My Website?...

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Feb 16

Is Your Business Following The New Wave Of Marketing?

By Lauren | Brandworking , Marketing

The new wave of marketing strategy is not new, however it does seem to be taking off in the small to medium sized business arena, especially amongst service providers who exchange their time for money.

WOFTAM marketing firmly puts branding in the back seat, enabling businesses to make spur of the moment decisions with quickly implemented tactical offers and promotions.

Many businesses following this strategy state that POF is the main driver behind adopting the WOFTAM strategy.

Struggling with the lingo? - Check out the glossary below....

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Jan 20

Is There A Hidden Message In Your Brand?

By Lauren | Brand Magnet , Marketing

In the study of Neurobranding it has been enlightening to undercover how our brain subconsciously deals with the 5000 branded messages it is hit with every day.
Given there are so many messages, it's not surprising that we miss many of these messages on a conscious level, but they do get through to our subconscious brain, and form attitudes and beliefs we are not even aware of.
That's why consistency and repetitiveness is so vital for a stand out brand.

Is there a hidden message in your brand that targets
that subconscious level?

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Dec 31

New Year….New You?

By Lauren | Insight

New Years resolutions traditionally include better diet, increased exercise and quitting bad habits, but it could be the perfect time to launch a totally new persona.

A new wave of entrepreneurs are emerging who are packaging themselves into a personal brand and it’s literally turning heads.

It's a massive global trend that is changing the way services providers and consultants market themselves locally.

Personal branding is a term that’s been around for a while in corporate business but we are only just beginning to see it being used by entrepreneurs and business owners.
Are you ready for a New Year...New You?

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Dec 27

Beware Holiday Brain

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight

As your business takes a break for the holidays, your brain may be doing the same thing, with potentially disastrous results. When you are flat-out, running a business, your brain is focused on making clear decisions - Beware Holiday Brain!
During a holiday break the brain relaxes and becomes exposed to unfiltered creative opportunity that can distract and confuse future plans and divert momentum.

There is a unique difference between the normal brain and that of an entrepreneur and you may get caught up in the bright, exciting ideas you dream up this holiday season.
The normal brain has a safety device that protects against taking risks, where the entrepreneurial brain senses the fear but does it anyway.

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Dec 08

Passionate About Personal Branding

By Lauren | Insight , Personal Branding

Why am I so passionate about personal branding?

Because of bullies.

The society we live in discourages anyone who is different, anyone who stands out, anyone who challenges the norm.

From an early age we are encouraged to fit in, to conform, to be just like everyone else.

Children and teenagers can be especially hurtful to those who appear out of the ordinary and so we learn while we are young to hide our uniqueness, cover up our personality and squelch our individuality.

At work we are encouraged to blend in with the culture, keep our heads down and our opinions to ourselves, building on the belief that to be distinctive is not being part of a team.

That’s why so many go out on their own, as entrepreneurs, where they can find some peace, but unfortunately bullies live there too, as small minded competitors who want to push you down because they are threatened by your vitality and your capability.

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Nov 11

You Said What?

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight , Marketing

The Elevator Pitch - According to Wikipedia The name "elevator pitch" reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes. It is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition.

What did you say at your last "Elevator Opportunity"?
Is it different every time? Do you get interest, or do people glaze over and fall asleep while you're speaking?
Would you like to know the way to pitch that guarantees you will feel more confident with what you say and have people running up to you to get your business card after you deliver it?

Here's my proven BEST Formula:

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Sep 30

Could You Win A Gold Medal In Business?

By Lauren | Core Message , Marketing

Winning in business is a lot like winning a gold medal at the olympics.
There’s sweat, tears and so much hard work behind the scenes that no one sees. You have your fans, your competitors and your detractors and in the end, it’s all up to your performance on the day.
Interestingly, the difference between coming in first place; getting the gold medal, standing on the top of the podium, winning respect and having sponsors fall over themselves to help you; and coming second, third or even out of the medals, can be as little as just a miniscule hundredths of a second, or a tiny quarter of a millimetre...

You hear from the champions in their field how they managed to win. They just did that 1% extra; they were prepared to train just a fraction more, push the envelope further or work harder on their technique. They go where their competitors are not prepared to go. It's that extra time spent working on themselves that made all the difference.

  • Would your performance in business win you a gold medal right now?
  • Where on the podium would you stand apart from your competitors?
  • Are you a business champion, confident in your abilities, secure in your training and ready to play int he major leagues?

Perhaps you feel like you are running against the clock, exchanging all the time you have for just enough money to cover your costs and yet all you see on the horizon are competitors clambering for the finish line?

Would your performance in business win you a gold medal right now?

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Maybe it’s time to go that little bit extra that will make you stand out from the crowd and propel your business forwards. Maybe it’s time to train yourself like a champion would, so that prospects seek out your advice and assistance, because you have that No1, gold medal quality they are looking for.

What would it be like if you were the respected champion in your field, sought after by the media to provide content for their publications, asked to speak and share your winning ways with audiences full of your ideal prospects, and being paid extraordinarily well, because you are the gold medal winner everyone wants to hear from.

Within months of defining my expertise and becoming a best selling author I began getting requests to speak at exactly the right events. I now have people refer others to me consistently and get requests to contribute articles to leading publications. I’m now charging 500% more than I ever did for my services in the past.

Would you like to know the secret to that 1% that will give you the ability to stand out as a gold medalist?

It’s called tenacity.

The secret to the 1% that gives you the ability to stand out as a gold medalist is tenacity.

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Tenacity means the ability to grip to something firmly. To have the determination and persistence to stick to what you are doing until you have reached your goal.

Tenacity means an almost pig-headed attitude to let nothing stop you, to push just that little bit harder and to let go of activities that distract you from your goal.

Having tenacity in order to win in business, means finding that core thing that is exclusively yours to own and stick with that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Having tenacity in order to win in business, means finding that core thing that is exclusively yours.

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In order to achieve what everyone in business really wants….winning the race and gaining a reputation as the ‘go-to’ service provider so that people come to them for advice and help instead of you having to chase them…you need to ‘stick to your guns’ and be totally determined and have persistence to become the No1.

To take a firm grip, you can’t keep reaching for all the opportunities that come your way, changing your mind every few days about what it is you do, how you provide your service and who you help.

If you are not 100% sure about who you are, what you do, why you do it and who you help, you will loose your grip and come unstuck fast.

So what is it that you can hold fast to and grip onto in order to stay the distance in business and become a respected gold medal winning expert at?

It’s your personal brand. The uniqueness that is embodied in your DNA. Your personality, natural talent and key skills. Your gold medal is my definition of expertise - the ability to do with ease, something that others find extraordinarily difficult to even imagine doing.

Now is the time for you to pick the pursuit you want to compete in, get set and go for it.

Find out more about how you can refine your expertise and become a gold medal winner for your business - click here.