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Award Winning Accelerator Program

Everything you need to enter, win and leverage awards to boost your brand

Winners Training

Become A Brand Magnet

Introductory level to learn the #1 action step you can take today to naturally attract the right clients who instantly choose you.
A Personal Branding short course covering consumer behaviour and finding the WIIFM to instantly engage your clients.

Introductory Level

Rocket Launch Your Brand

This level includes award winning personal brand training so you can discover your True North, define your why, determine your inch-wide, mile-deep niche and refine your Single Minded Purpose - develop the one thing you want to become well known, well paid & wanted for.
Bonuses include building your online reputation and choosing the best platform to launch your brand, PLUS the Neurobranding science of branding colours and images so you can create an instantly recognisable brand..

Online Training

Bonus Level Booster

Over 30 in-depth interviews with branding and marketing experts who give you the action steps to promote your business using the right channels and tactics to save you time and money.

Bonus Level

Get On The Launch Pad

In this level you will learn exactly who your ideal client is so you can develop a target avatar and know how to naturally attract them with the right message at the right time. Discover your own personal communication style and who you naturally attract with ease, PLUS you get access to the Top 10 Tips to develop a stand out personal brand.

Introductory Level

Special Mission

Limited entry personal brand guided training with Lauren Clemett, taking you through the entire ‘Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me’ program, developing your brand identity, lead generator, speaker bio and a marketing action plan.
PLUS access to all the advanced tools to become a best selling authority, run a professional series of webinars, speak with clarity and deliver your brand to leverage your expertise.

Guided Training

Special BrandSlam Event

Exclusive training and mentoring with Major League Coaches. This is an advanced level with action steps to build and launch your personal brand and play at the top of your game in business.

Special Program