the fastest way to rocket launch Your Business

Maximum Velocity is the fastest way to rocket launch you, your brand and your business.

First we will get 100% clear on what you do and why your ideal client should choose you, packaging your skills and expertise.

Then we'll create a brand identity that naturally attracts the right clients so you can launch your brand (oh and we'll give you the help to do that too!).

Award winning Maximum Velocity Program

Package Your Brand

Define exactly what makes you unique, pulling together all of your natural skills, talents and your target avatar to create a core message that instantly communicates the essence of you, your business and your brand.

Create Your Brand

Produce a clear creative brief for your brand identity to generate your entire brand identity including brand name, tagline, logo, colours, fonts, image library and mood board to make your brand stand out and resonate with your clients

Launch Your Brand

Outline a Marketing Action Plan, choose your ideal platform and channels to launch from. Learn how to become a best selling author or award winner, get media profile and speaking gigs, create landing pages and grow your tribe.

*NOTE: Non refundable $257 deposit. Includes 30 minute discovery call with Lauren. Full payment is due on acceptance prior to course commencement.

Bring Out The Best In Yourself

"Lauren is a joy to work with.
She has a unique talent to tap into your psyche to bring out the best in yourself which reflects in the choosing of your own brand through colours and language.
I felt at all times she had my best interest at heart. I love her creativity, expertise and positivity. Very inspiring and this is the exact launching pad required for my business!!

I am in complete gratitude at having met you Lauren."

?Anita -  Vurv* - Natural Thyroid Specialist

Ezi Office Supplies

“Our old brand didn’t work and we were constantly trying to explain what we did, but it had been around for years and we were scared to change it.
I can’t believe how powerful our new brand is and how much more quickly people simply get it.”

Ajay - Business Owner

Absolutely Admin

“I love my kick-ass name and logo!
I feel like I’m really living my brand and am starting to be recognised.
It really has made an enormous difference to the success of my new business.”

Valerie - Business Administrator


“The experience, skill and creativity provided in this program has provided me with a much clearer vision than I could do for myself. The mechanics of navigating through the "maze" of brand creation was something I never would have thought to do.
At last I have packaged everything together and I’m really clear now on what I want to be known for. My brand really does say it all.”

Evelyn Douglas - The Qalma Queen

A Focussed Way To Make It Happen

"When you start in business you can get lost very quickly. It’s hard to see the best way to go. This program gave me a clear message about who I am aiming for, rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

If you are stuck, you need to take massive action for your business to move forward and this is a fantastically structured and focused way to make it happen.

Totally thought provoking, it took me to the next level. Suddenly everything is clear."

Nolene - Hearing Care Professionals

Fully Guided Program

Here's How The Process Works & The Results You Get

Week 1:

The 3R's and Your True North

Clearly define what you want to be respected and recognised for and what you want others to say about you. We begin by packaging together what you do that is so unique, how you provide the best service, the true value of your expertise and how to communicate your passion and purpose. We discover your True North and create a Brand Compass so you have a clear direction of what it is you want to be well known, well paid & wanted for.

Week 2:

Your Single Minded Purpose

What do you stand for really? What makes you the best in the business?
This lesson ensures you capture your brand essence and builds a firm foundation for you to launch your specialist skills to stand out from the competition.
We challenge you to go outside your comfort zone and dig deep into your brand essence so you become 100% confident about what you do, what you won't do and how you make a difference.

Week 3:

Brand Personality & Market Position

Selling services is all about trust and in this lesson we create a brand personality that ensures you are totally consistent in everything you do, so you can instantly create certainty and trustworthiness in the mind of your ideal client. Let's introduce you to your brand!
In this lesson we also cut through the clutter and find you a specific place in the market where you have no competitors and lots of open space to soar above the rest!

Week 4:

Your Target Avatar & Building A Cascade Of Influence

Exactly who your ideal client is, the prospect who doesn't need to be convinced or sold to in order to buy from you. We delve into the demographics, psychographics and the personal communication style of your ideal client so you can naturally attract people you love to work with. PLUS how to build a cascade of influence that creates Word Of Mouth Marketing like it's on steroids so you can focus on creating raving fans who do your marketing for you!

Week 5:

Core Message & Brand Strategy

Following the proven BEST Formula to create your 'Elevator Pitch' so you can quickly and easily explain what you do and why someone should choose you, in a way that intrigues the human brain and opens up opportunity for you to share your brand story.
PLUS Using your 'One Word' created in the Single Minded Purpose to develop a brand strategy that makes it so easy for you to choose the best platforms, systems, social media channels and marketing activity that leverages and boosts your brand profile.

Week 6:

Creative Brief & Marketing Action Plan

Now you have created a brand, put it all together in a creative brief ready to give to your designer, web developer, publicity agent, book publisher or speaking coach so they can instantly understand what your brand is all about and get on with doing what you want them to do.
We also develop your 12 month Marketing Action Plan to avoid overwhelm and put into action what you have learned in the 6 weeks, so you can get your brand out there!

Weeks 7-8 and Beyond

Creating your unique brand identity

At the completion of the 6 week training you then work 1:1 with Award Winning Branding Specialist Lauren Clemett to use all of the work you've done in the live training sessions and online forms, to develop your entire Brand Identity using Neurobranding science to create a meaningful and unique brand name, tagline, logo, colours, fonts and brand guide.

This takes 10-14 days to complete  your entire brand identity and brand guide which is 100% owned by you.

You also get exclusive access to the ZERO GRAVITY launch modules to learn the steps to launch your brand and we connect you to the specialists to help you, including becoming a best selling author or award winner with your own website, landing page, lead generator and list building platform, with a media profile and speaking gigs.

Get the clarity and direction you need to become well known, well paid & wanted!

Live Training

Action packed, interactive, live weekly training sessions.

Online Program

Easy to follow and complete training material.

Guidebook & Worksheets

Know exactly what you want to be known for.

Fully Mentored Program valued at over $25,556 is yours for Just $4900

Maximum Velocity Guided Training

Limited To Just 5 People Per Intake.

NEXT INTAKE: Friday 1st February 2019
11am - Noon (AEST)
Thursday 31st January 5pm (PDT) 8pm (EDT)

  • Weekly live guided training sessions
  • Online forms, video tutorials and workbooks
  • Package your skills, talents and expertise into a stand out brand
  • check
    12 Month Marketing Action Plan
  • Hard copy practical guidebook "Selling You"
  • Individual 1:1 mentoring
  • Unlimited access to the award-winning Authority Rocket Program
  • check
    VIP members only ongoing training and support

Valued At $25,556

Just $4900

Maximum Velocity Training Room ID will be sent to you after registration

*NOTE: Non refundable $257 deposit. Includes 30 minute discovery call with Lauren. Full payment is due on acceptance prior to course commencement.

Is this Program right for you?

This program is not for everybody, you can check below to see if you will get the best results.


  • Professional service providers who want to stand out and be found
  • Consultants, mentors, advisors or agents who want to naturally attract the right clients
  • Service providers who want to be valued for their expertise as the go-to specialist
  • check
    Business owners who have authentic experience and want a unique profile to live their brand


  • Businesses selling products without supplying a service or building a following
  • Salespeople who want to use mind tricks to manipulate people into buying
  • Start-up businesses who are out to make a fast buck as quickly as possible
  • Transaction focused service providers who are happy to blend in and serve themselves
  • Those who aren't prepared to show up and do the work required.
Get 100% clarity or your money back!

If you don’t feel this program, book and online program gives you the clarity and direction you need to develop, build and sustain a personal brand, you have 30 days to ask for a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Lauren & The Team At Ultimate Business Propellor


Additional to the live workshop you will also receive:

Action Plan: Launch Your Brand

At the end of the training you will have 100% clarity and direction for your brand plus a full brand identity including brand name, tagline, logo, colours and fonts plus a 12 month Marketing action plan. All of the worksheets you complete will be supplied to you as a PDF Brand Guide to keep you on track, so you can keep your brand consistent and instantly recognisable.


Support: Members Only

Unlimited access to the members Only Group, regular interactive training with Lauren to utilise social media, content marketing and promotional tactics PLUS the Weekly Rocket, loaded with brand building opportunities to be a guest speaker, podcast guest and gain media interviews, so you can rocket launch your brand.

Award Winning Program valued at over $25,556 = $4900
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Maximum Velocity Guided Training

Limited To Just 5 People Per Intake.

NEXT INTAKE: Friday 1st February 2019
11am - Noon (AEST)
Thursday 31st January 5pm (PDT) 8pm (EDT)

Valued At $25,556

Just $4900

Maximum Velocity Training Room ID will be sent to you after registration

*NOTE: Non refundable $257 deposit. Includes 30 minute discovery call with Lauren. Full payment is due on acceptance prior to course commencement.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What happens once I register?

How long is the training session?

What’s so special about this training?

What is Neurobranding?

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What if I don't need a new brand name or logo?

Learn with Best Selling Author & Personal Branding Specialist, Lauren Clemett

Award winning Neurobrander and personal branding specialist, Lauren Clemett, has over 25 years brand management experience working within the World leading advertising agencies; Saatchi & Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Worldwide and as brand manager for AXA Corporation, managing the Rugby World Sevens event sponsorship.

Now a four time best selling author, having been diagnosed with “Word Blindness” (dyslexia) at the age of eight and turning the disability into her greatest asset, she understands what it takes to become a successful brand in a disruptive, cluttered and confusing world.

Often called a “Pocket Rocket”, she has helped hundreds of professional service providers define their purpose to make marketing more effective and effortless with a true brand strategy.

 “I get excited about clarifying your purpose, embracing the power of building your authority as an expert and launching you and your business in the right direction”