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Jun 16

#whatweretheythinking – Ben & Jerry’s

By Lauren | #whatweretheythinking , Insight , Personal Branding

What were they thinking?
Ben & Jerrys ice-cream was established in the 70's in the USA and had a distinctive difference. They added amazing chunks of all sorts of delicious treats - cookie dough, chocolate, peanuts, toffee and even pretzels.

They also decided early on to be a socially responsible brand, choosing sustainable business practices that supported their suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees and customers.

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Dec 08

Passionate About Personal Branding

By Lauren | Insight , Personal Branding

Why am I so passionate about personal branding?

Because of bullies.

The society we live in discourages anyone who is different, anyone who stands out, anyone who challenges the norm.

From an early age we are encouraged to fit in, to conform, to be just like everyone else.

Children and teenagers can be especially hurtful to those who appear out of the ordinary and so we learn while we are young to hide our uniqueness, cover up our personality and squelch our individuality.

At work we are encouraged to blend in with the culture, keep our heads down and our opinions to ourselves, building on the belief that to be distinctive is not being part of a team.

That’s why so many go out on their own, as entrepreneurs, where they can find some peace, but unfortunately bullies live there too, as small minded competitors who want to push you down because they are threatened by your vitality and your capability.

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Nov 30

Does Your Brand Stand Out?

By Lauren | Insight , Personal Branding

Consumers see 3000 messages each day, that's about 4 a minute... How on earth is your message going to cut through that and get noticed?

When it comes to marketing, most businesses are going around in circles, with no direction. That's because brand often takes a backseat to marketing. Most entrepreneurs have an amazing product or service they are trying to promote and it doesn't get noticed, because they don't have a unique brand position.

The trouble with flying in circles, is that eventually the fuel tank will be empty, there will be no money left to keep going and you will crash and burn. Your incredible solution to someones problem will never take off.

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Oct 17

What’s In A Brand Name?

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight , Personal Branding

Years ago businesses chose a brand name that started with A, or AA or even AAA in order to be at the top of the telephone directory listing.

Fast forward to the internet age and recently a company called "Reputation Changer" paid 6 figures for the domain name '' in order to 'own a patch' of online real estate in the same way.

How important it really is to have a brand name that works for search purposes?

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