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Jan 10

Shortcut To Success

By Lauren | Insight

One morning I had an urgent Skype call and I didn’t want to miss out on my exercise routine, so I decided to take a shortcut. This is what happened.

6 days out of 7, I go for a morning bike ride, about 10 kms, very flat, nothing serious. I have lycraphobia and ride an old dunga mountain bike. It’s more for keeping fit and healthy, certainly not peloton level. The bonus is, it’s great thinking time.

This one morning, I knew I didn’t have the 45 minutes I usually take, so I decided to try to find a shorter route. And I managed to navigate my way around in about 20 minutes, got home and got on that call.

Trouble was, now I knew there was a shortcut!

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Nov 30

Does Your Brand Stand Out?

By Lauren | Insight , Personal Branding

Consumers see 3000 messages each day, that's about 4 a minute... How on earth is your message going to cut through that and get noticed?

When it comes to marketing, most businesses are going around in circles, with no direction. That's because brand often takes a backseat to marketing. Most entrepreneurs have an amazing product or service they are trying to promote and it doesn't get noticed, because they don't have a unique brand position.

The trouble with flying in circles, is that eventually the fuel tank will be empty, there will be no money left to keep going and you will crash and burn. Your incredible solution to someones problem will never take off.

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Nov 05

Got A Great Money Making Idea?

By Lauren | Insight , News

So excited and honoured to be a part of the Start-Up Gold Coast weekend. 15-17 Nov.
I'm a mentor at the event, helping attendees with their brand development. Very cool!

If you have a great money making idea and want to develop it and get funding, find partners, build a business with it etc, you should definitely register to take part in this.

If you love new technology and innovation, come along on the Friday night to hear the pitches or on the Sunday night to hear the winners - Just $20.

Here is the link:


Oct 17

What’s In A Brand Name?

By Lauren | Brain food , Insight , Personal Branding

Years ago businesses chose a brand name that started with A, or AA or even AAA in order to be at the top of the telephone directory listing.

Fast forward to the internet age and recently a company called "Reputation Changer" paid 6 figures for the domain name '' in order to 'own a patch' of online real estate in the same way.

How important it really is to have a brand name that works for search purposes?

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