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Before you go, I’d love to give you another gift!

The key to generating a steady flow of perfect prospects, is understanding what’s going on inside their brain.

The trick is to understand what goes on in your prospects brain and how to get them to know like and trust you instantly.

And I’d like to show you exactly how to do that!

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Below is a link giving you access to the interactive Brand Magnet video tutorial series I have especially recorded for you, along with all the worksheets so you can immediately implement the easy steps.

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I don’t usually make Brand Magnet available at this price and you won’t find it anywhere on our website.

The content itself is exclusively available to my 1:1 clients who spend over $3997 on the Award Winning Authority Rocket Program with me.

But here on this page you can get access to the Brand Magnet for just $17

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"It's 2am in the morning and I just finished the 5th and final video of Brand Magnet with 4 pages of Action Steps next to me! I've been so guilty of Bright-Shiny-Objectitis over the years but I'm highly focused now and getting even more focused every day. Great stuff. It's Bed Time now (If I can sleep)" - A Kavanagh, Smart Business Choices.

“Short, sharp messages that can be implemented immediately. I got the Ah-ha for my business!”- Jo Cleary, BlueChip Consulting

This opened up a whole new way of thinking for me with my the development of my new service. It really helped me to simplify my offering and make it more marketable. Simple solutions to difficult marketing and branding questions!”
- Tracey McLeod, International Award Winning Interior Decorator & Property Stylist.

“Productive and thought provoking, loved it!’ - Tatiana Richardson, Direct Sales Agent

Brand Magnet includes:

  • The entire 5 step video tutorial series to get inside your perfect prospects brain so you can magnetise them with your branding and marketing
  • Easy to understand worksheets and action steps to implement immediately
  • Neurobranding science you can easily apply to your branding and marketing to captivate your prospects faster than ever
  • The 3 steps to ensure your prospects know, like and trust you as soon as they come into contact with your brand
  • 30 day 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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