Award Winning Authority Rocket Program

Award Winning Authority Rocket Program and brand management courses for professional service providers who want to create massive impact and influence. This is the easiest way to package your skills and talents into a focused personal brand so you can easily explain what you do, stand out from the competition, charge what you want and naturally attract the right clients.


Original Clever Ideas And Expert Knowledge

I worked with Lauren and the Ultimate Business Propellor to get a better hold on our brand identity and establish a solid, focused and effective marketing strategy for our future. I was very impressed by Lauren's original and clever ideas and expert knowledge on all things marketing, branding and business development. She is a woman of so many talents, endless knowledge and a zest for life. I can't recommend Lauren highly enough if you're looking for an expert to put you on the right path with your business marketing & branding strategy. Thank you Lauren, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Katrina , EcoWise LED Lighting

New Branding Is Fantastic

"The new branding is fantastic, people have positive feedback on the logo and when I tell them the story of Mary of Burgundy they love the idea of that.

Thank you again for all your work in helping me achieve this."

Michael , Burgundy Bespoke Jewellery

Clear On My Ideal Client, Targeted Core Message

“I was able to get clear on my ideal client, get a targeted core message and I really enjoyed the personality profile session as it helped me refocus my website images. Great practical tips too so I can define what I offer much better than before”.

Elaine , Mind Over Matter

I'm Highly Focused Now

"It's 2am in the morning and I just finished the 5th and final video of Brand Magnet with 4 pages of Action Steps next to me!

I've been so guilty of Bright-Shiny-Objectitis over the years but I'm highly focused now and getting even more focused every day. Great stuff.

It's Bed Time now (If I can sleep)"

Andrew Cavanagh , Smart Business Choices

Look At Your Business From An Outsiders Perspective

“If you are not exactly sure who your target market is or what your core message is, this is the course for you! Lauren’s extensive experience is invaluable and she challenges your thinking at every turn. You get to take a good look at your business from an outsiders perspective”.

Trudi , Photographer

Exact Launching Pad For My Business

Lauren is a joy to work with. She has a unique talent to tap into your psyche to bring out the best in yourself which reflects in the choosing of your own brand through colours and language. I felt at all times she had my best interest at heart. I love her creativity, expertise and positivity. Very inspiring and this is the exact launching pad required for my business!! I am in complete gratitude at having met you Lauren.

Anita , Vurv* - Natural Thyroid Specialist

Full On But Worth It

“Full on but worth it! Enables you to define your core message and making it all about your clients. Very enjoyable and informative”.

Kerry , The Book Balancer

Recognised For What I Do Best

“Aside from the kick-ass name and logo I now embody the brand and I’m starting to be recognised for what I do best.”

Valerie , Administration Services - Absolutely Admin

I'm Ready To Rocket Launch My Business

“Lauren did an amazing job, helping me to rebrand my business, from a brand that wasn’t serving me to a stand out brand that energises me and reflects my story.

I didn’t even realise that I had a story to tell until Lauren drew it out of me. She is a wizard with business names, colours and images that evoke strong emotions and creates a brand identity that is unique to you. I felt like I was in safe hands on our journey of discovery, filled with startling insights, warmth and humour.

I now feel confident and secure in my brand and ready to rocket launch my business.”

Dianne , Wildfire Business Consulting

Fantastically Structured And Focused

"When you start in business you can get lost very quickly. It's hard to see the best way to go. This program gave me a clear message about who I am aiming for, rather than trying to be everything to everyone."

If you are stuck, you need to take massive action for your business to move forward and this is a fantastically structured and focused way to make it happen.

Totally thought provoking, it took me to the next level. Suddenly everything is clear."

Nolene , Hearing Care Professionals

We Are So Excited

Just wanted to thank you so much for helping us with our new brand. We are so excited by all the possibilities.

Sandra , Soothe Mobile Massage
  • Business owners who have authentic experience and want a unique profile to create impact and influence
  • Had enough of the overwhelm, being told you should be marketing and promoting your business but have no idea what to do?

    Let's get you some clarity and direction to rocket launch you, your brand and your business.

    Check out the Authority Rocket Program levels below.

    Brand magnet

    The #1 way to naturally attract your ideal clients

    • check
      Discover the #1 mistake professional service providers make that repels customers and how to avoid it
    • check
      Understand what is going on inside the mind of your prospects and how to increase their desire for your services
    • check
      Learn the 3 simple things to change in your marketing to naturally convert prospects into clients with ease.

    Launch Pad

    Identify, connect and engage with your ideal prospect

    • check
      Discover your Personal Communication Style so you can create marketing messages that engage
    • check
      Identify Your Ideal Audience, what makes them tick and how to zone in on what they really want so you can promote your services the right way 
    • check
      Create a virtual Target Avatar with a name and a personality, so you can get the right message, using the right channels at the right time to get results.

    Rocket Fuel

    Package your expertise into a stand-out brand

    • check
      Create a strong foundation for your personal brand, with the 3R's - Recognition, Reputation & Respect
    • check
      Define your Single Minded Purpose and get 100% clear on what you want to be known for being the best
    • check
      Package your multiple skills, talents and expertise into a stand-out brand and find your True North
    • check
      Choose and build Your Inch-Wide, Mile-Deep Niche to become the well-paid, in-demand specialist
    • check
      Develop an engaging 'elevator pitch' as your Core Message so people know, like and trust you instantly
    • check
      Create a cascade of influence to have a steady stream of perfect referrals coming to you

    Maximum Velocity

    Launch Your Personal Brand with guided mentoring 

    • check
      The Fastest Way To Rocket Launch You, Your Brand And Your Business
    • check
      Everything you need to package your personal brand, including 1:1 mentoring
    • check
      Fully guided Program, Best-Selling Guidebook, Unlimited access to the Award-Winning Program
    • check
      Complete brand identity including brand name, tagline, colours, logo, fonts and imagery
    • check
      12 Month Marketing Action Plan and access to Zero Gravity Launch Modules

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    Get clear on how to naturally attract the right clients who love you

    Value $97



    Create a real target avatar so you can connect and engage with ease

    Value $997


    Includes Brand Magnet


    Everything you need to package a stand-out personal brand

    Value $2997


    Includes Brand Magnet & Launch Pad

    Maximum Velocity

    Complete program plus 1:1 guided mentoring to rocket launch your brand

    Value $20962


    Includes Brand Magnet, Launch Pad & 
    Rocket Fuel

    Get 100% clarity or your money back!

    If you don’t feel the Authority Rocket Program, book or online tutorials and training gives you the clarity and direction you need to develop, build and sustain a personal brand, you have 30 days to ask for a no questions asked money back guarantee.

    Lauren & The Team At Ultimate Business Propellor

    “I get excited about clarifying your purpose, embracing the power of building your authority as an expert and launching you and your business in the right direction”

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