Rocket Launch Your Personal Brand! 

Package your skills and talents into a stand-out personal brand so you can confidently and clearly explain what you do and why your ideal client should choose you! 


Discover the number one thing you want to be known for who your ideal client is and how to naturally attract them to you and your business.


Package together all of your unique skills and talents so you can become an influential leader with incredible impact in your industry.


Find your inch-wide, mile-deep niche, making you the sought after, go-to specialist and become well known, highly respected and trusted for your expertise.


Achieve the confidence you need to choose the right platform to launch your brand so you can become the high-end authority and charge what you wish for your services.


Create word of mouth marketing on steroids with a Cascade Of Influence so you can have others promoting your services and wanting to affiliate with you.

This award winning personal brand training is designed for professional service providers who want to stand out and be found, with proven action steps to create real impact and influence.

All Of This In A LIVE Easy To Follow Webinar

Live Training

Exclusively live and fully interactive so you can ask specific questions for your particular business and situation, with case studies to learn from.

Clear Direction

Define your brand strategy so you can choose the right social media channel, content marketing and promotion to attract the right clients

Real Learning

Proven formulas and simple action steps you can use immediately to make an impact on your business and make marketing your services, easy.

Save Time

If you are wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work, this workshop gives you the clarity and direction you need to get it right.

Award Winning training valued at over $297 is yours for FREE!

Learn with Best Selling Author & Personal Branding Specialist, Lauren Clemett

At 8 years old Lauren was told she had ‘word blindness’ and would never be able to read or write properly, yet she went on to become a five time best selling author and Stevie Award Winning Neurobranding expert, having worked within World leading advertising agencies as a brand manager, using her dyslexia disability as her greatest asset - to understand how the brain sees brands.

She has over 25 years in the marketing communications arena; working within world leading advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather and Grey Worldwide owning her own agency, Evergreen, focusing on Baby Boomer Marketing and was Brand Manager for AXA, delivering the International Rugby World Sevens Tournament.

Her insightful, interactive and fun presentation style, encourages professional service providers to harness their natural gifts and talents to become well known, well paid & wanted. Sharing her insight into how the consumers mind works, Lauren provides the clarity and direction needed to package a stand out personal brand and rocket launch a professional service based business

Get the clarity and direction you need to become well known, well paid & wanted!

Live Training

Action packed, interactive,  live online workshop.

Yes, It's LIVE!
This isn't a recorded, repeated, regurgitated replay. It's totally real and interactive.
There is a live chat and you can get answers to all your questions, so the time you spend in the online workshop delivers you the most value possible. Giving you relevant, useful content, insight and tips so you can implement dramatic results instantly.

Real Learning

Masses of notes, inspiration and brainstorming ideas.

You'll learn the 3 steps to be known, liked and trusted, defining your TRUE NORTH, choosing your inch-wide, mile-deep niche, how to package your brand, the proven BEST elevator pitch formula and how to build a cascade of influence that works like WOM marketing on steroids!
So Have a pen and plenty of paper handy for the ACTION STEPS!


Know exactly what you want to be known for.

By the end of the online workshop you will have the clarity and direction you need to choose the one thing you want to be well known, well paid and wanted for!
You will also get an action planner and cheatsheets to put into action what you learn and get results fast.
So don't panic if we cover a huge amount of information, you'll get everything you need from the event

100% live training, there is no replay.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"This is brilliant! I’ve been trying to get some clarity around how to position my brand as different from others and what we achieved was far more than I ever expected to accomplish. Thank you!"

Keith (Website Developer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I have been in Real Estate for many years and I train people on a regular basis, but I learned more about how to position yourself as the specialist in this workshop than I have in the past two years in the industry!"

Christine (Real Estate Agent & Trainer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"This workshop is amazing! I certainly became very clear about my target market, my core message and my cascade of influence. You get some awesome tools and steps to implement straight away"

Kath (Business Systemiser)


  • You sell a service and you have a range of skills and talents you wish you could pull together into a brand
  • You want to naturally attract the right clients without feeling you are 'hard selling' them to buy from you
  • You struggle to explain what you do and why someone should choose you and need a brand to speak for you
  • You have competitors and want to stand out as the go-to specialist


This is a unique online workshop and you might have questions:

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How long is the workshop?

Is this just another webinar?

What is Neurobranding?

What happens after the workshop?

One last thing…

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