Easily Explain Exactly What You Do And Why Someone Should Choose You 
With 100% More Confidence!

Now you can answer that that dreaded question.... “So what do you do?”

  • The #1 proven BEST formula for your elevator pitch so you can explain what you do with ease and confidence
  • Have prospects wanting to know more in minutes
  • 5 simple sentence starters that help you deliver a pitch that wows!
  • Examples of elevator pitches that work for you to follow

What happens when you get asked that dreaded question..."So what do you do?"

Does your brain go into panic mode?

Do you stumble over mumbled and jumbled words, trying to find that key phrase or pitch that really hits home?

Maybe you say something different every time you get asked that question?

Did you know the human brain only wants to hear 3 things when it interacts with you?

Your prospect just wants to know...




Do I know what you do and can that help me?

Do I like the idea of working with you?

Can I trust you will deliver on what you promise?

If your elevator pitch answers all three, in that specific order, chances are, your prospect is 100% more likely to focus on what you are saying and they will want to know more from you.

In fact, hundreds of professional service providers have learned the proven BEST Formula for their pitch and the results are outstanding…

Wow! A totally different response from my usual mumbled jumbled explanation of what I do.
Everyone started drilling me with questions and then asked for my cards.
Such a big difference!"

Paul Cook

I had a big opportunity to network with a large group and was told by the organiser that I better get my elevator pitch sorted! So, I went back over my notes from your BEST Formula and tweaked it a little.… It worked a treat! I had such a great response!!! Possibly a few new clients too!!
Thanks Lauren! You rock!!"

Kath Barker
Compass Business

And the best part is, the BEST Formula doesn’t just work for your elevator pitch!

Did you know that it only takes between 4-7 seconds for a prospect who lands on your website to decide they don’t like it and click off to go somewhere else?

Why don’t they stay?

Because it’s all about you and not about them!

So what content works BEST on the home page of your website?

Of course, it’s the very same proven BEST Formula!

Yes, that’s right, you can use your pitch as a Core Message almost anywhere…

… it can be the first thing they read on your website home page that gets them to read more, at the top of your Linked-in profile to get more connections, on the About Us section of your Facebook page to increase likes…

…even as a ‘tweet-able’ sized sentence on the back of your business card, or the introductory copy on your sales brochure to make sure they get kept and looked at!

The Proven BEST Formula works for your entire personal brand and it’s so simple!

The FREE guidebook includes:

The purpose of your pitch

The BEST formula

The exact words to use (you just fill in the blanks)

PLUS examples for you to follow.

And it’s all yours for FREE

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