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"Discovering and packaging your Personal Brand is the number one way to stand out from the crowd, make marketing effortless and capture the attention of perfect prospects who will become your raving fan clients." 

The Ultimate Business Propellor is for professional service providers and consultants who want to stand out and be found, by clearly defining their core message.

Because when you sell a service, you are selling the invisible and it's really hard to explain why someone should choose you.

The best part is, you get the clarity and direction you need to rocket launch your business.

Your personal brand is an asset that creates value and separates you from other service providers and consultants. It makes you the go-to authority with a specific target audience who love what you do so much, they become your raving fans.

Your ideal prospects are out there, they just haven't found you yet. They want to know, like and trust you before they do business with you.

With personal branding you naturally attract perfect clients who are happy to pay for your specialised services. The best part about having a great Personal Brand? Yours is totally unique to you, making you stand out from the crowd!

We help you define and package what makes you so special, discovering your single minded purpose, giving you a clear core message and pointing you in the direction of your True North.
Stand out and be found as the go-to expert, increase your impact, influence and income
and make your marketing effective and effortless.

Become The Go-To Specialist!

No more competing on price, no more time and money wasted on marketing that doesn't work, no more hunting and chasing new clients.

Whether you have an existing brand, are just starting out or work under a franchise or company brand, personal branding is the best way to become the well known specialist, respected and wanted for what you do well.

Is it about time you found your focus and rocket launched your brand?

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

"When you’re in a market of professionals where your brand has to be you. This program helps you identify your key strengths and then market yourself in a way that makes you stand out."

Rachel Berry 
Bold Business

"When you start in business you can get lost very quickly. It's hard to see the best way to go. This program gave me a clear message about who I am aiming for, rather than trying to be everything to everyone."

Nolene Nelson
Hearing Care Professionals

“The biggest thing you did for us was getting us started down the path that we’re on now. The vision of the company, fostering the culture, future planning and focus of the company.”

Aaron Waddington
Super Colour Digital Printing

I highly recommend this program if you're looking for an expert to put you on the right path with your business marketing & brand strategy, it certainly gave me the clarity and direction I needed.

Katrina O'Neale
EcoWise LED Lighting

Build your reputation with Personal Branding Specialist Lauren Clemett.

After working for over 25 years in world leading advertising agencies and as brand manager for AXA as well as owning her own agency, Lauren Clemett now owns the Personal Branding consultancy, Ultimate Business Propellor.

She is a best selling author, speaker and neurobranding specialist having mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs in the services industry including finance, real estate, accounting, administration, sales, wellness, business coaching and more.